Speaking for the deprived through Uranium Film Festival

For more than six decades, there have been several short films and documentaries on nuclear issues that could not be screened due to political pressure. The International Uranium Film Festival, which is currently on in the city, has provided a platform to screen these films to the public. Shri Prakash and Norbert Suchanek, who were behind the Uranium Film Festival, spoke to City Express about their ideas and work.


No uranium mining in Alentejo - Portugal's radioactive legacy

City gives up chance of millions from uranium mining - Sheep and goats graze under the cork trees, the sun glitters silver on the leaves in the olive groves; gardens full of orange and mandarin trees; the streams gurgle sweetly as they flow; the aroma of ham, smoked sausage and the famous Nisa cheese is in the air: all around the little mediaeval city of Nisa, in Portugal, there is a wealth of tradition and good flavours. And that' s something that the people there, in the northern part of the Alentejo, don't want to give up for anything - least of all for uranium mining.


Uranium: Wealth or Woe?

Debates rage over whether energy generated by uranium induced nuclear fission is beneficial or harmful. The debate often settles into familiar bipartite arguments of nuclear power plants versus nuclear bombs. However, this article demonstrates that this approach is too narrow; the threats to land and livelihoods generated purely from the extraction process are substantial but unknown or ignored, as the Topnaar Nama people in Namibia are discovering.